COVID Guidelines

Our approach to prevention, protection, mitigation and monitoring safety

African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 has the full support of African and global industry leaders and will take place under strict Covid-19 protocols to ensure the safety of attendees.

The AEW 2021 event is strategically designed to adhere to government protocols, ensuring that adequate testing and sanitizing facilities are in place while introducing a format that restricts attendee numbers in each venue.

As we prepare to welcome delegates, speakers, exhibitors and more to AEW 2021, the following safety measures have been adopted to ensure a safe and secure event for all who are attending.

For Attendees

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Download the Health Passport Worldwide app prior to the event and create your profile.


Daily Testing

Rapid COVID-19 testing will be done each day for delegates via our Health Passport app partners.

Limited Capacity

Maximum attendee numbers per venue in compliance with government guidelines and venue capacity.

Wear A Mask

A KN95 or equivalent masks are to be worn over mouth and nose, both indoors and outdoors and at all times.


Sanitation Stations

Standalone sanitation stations will be located throughout the V&A Waterfront venues.

Health Passport Worldwide App

Health Passport Worldwide combines secure mobile technologies with COVID-19 vaccinations and testing.

The system has been built to enable businesses, events, travel, hospitality and much more to safely reopen. It has been developed specifically to work with all official vaccinations and test types, including PCR and rapid tests.

Health Passport Worldwide does not track user activities, does not use Bluetooth, does not use GPS, and does not monitor your location. Your privacy is fully protected.

Our Staff's Commitment

The AEW team is committed to a professional conference experience.

Regular Facility Sanitization

Sanitizing of venue stages and seats will be done in between each speaker session.

Touch Point Sanitization

All touch points will be sterilized between uses (microphones, chairs, tables etc.)


UVC Venue Sterilization

All venues in use at African Energy Week will be sterilized with UVC light daily.

COVID Marshals

COVID Marshalls will be placed at each venue and on AEW routes across the V&A Waterfront.


Daily Staff

Rapid testing will be done each day for all AEW staff via our Health Passport app partners.

Government COVID-19 hotline

Contact the Covid-19 hotlines for health queries

Still have questions?

See our frequently asked questions page. Alternatively, if you need further information, please feel free to reach out to us. A member of our team will assist with your queries as soon as possible.